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VehGro Wholesale was founded in 2012 by experienced entrepreneurs and employees. We have set ourselves the goal to exclusively offer products that correspond to our philosophy: healthy, high-quality and competitive. We have selected our partners accordingly and strive to create the basis for a healthy company.

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We at VehGro believe,

that good food can make a valuable contribution to health, well-being and above all a better world.

We are not interested in the highest margins or selling off products as quickly as possible. Our aim is to sell products that we, ourselves, can believe in. Foods that do people good, give them energy and simply make life more beautiful.

Fairness towards manufacturers and consumers


We see ourselves as an intermediary between manufacturers and consumers. We work closely with all members of the supply chain. We know where our food comes from and take local conditions carefully into consideration. At the same time, we are aware of our great responsibility and choose, whenever we can, fair produced products. It is important to us that our producers have the possibility to earn what their effort and their products are worth.

Many of our products are also organically grown. We firmly believe that in the long run, this is the only way to grow food that benefits the body and nourishes humanity. Food that has grown in real earth. Foods that are full to the brim with nutrients and vitamins. Foods that have been processed as little as possible and which have been known for centuries for their positive effects on our body.

Healthy food as a starting point

Food should be enjoyment and always give our body exactly what it needs to develop as positively as possible and to heal itself. Food should not make you sick, should not always be' fast' and should definitely not be stuffed with flavour enhancers, dyes and preservatives.

It is exactly this awareness that we want to achieve with our product range, because we sell food and care products that are produced as naturally as possible and give people exactly what they need: energy, well-being and pleasure in eating.

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We stand for sustainability and transparancy

We see our work as a life task and continually try to design our own processes and procedures as environmentally friendly, sustainable and healthy as possible for our consumers. We as a wholesaler have a great responsibility, which we face every day - for a better future.

Thank you for your confidence in VehGro!

On behalf of the management:
Bas Kamp & Sven van Laar


"Nutritious Food for All"
Provided by Earth!
- Michel -