We, as VehGro B.V. have since the establishment of our company, made it our business to supply a particularly extensive range of up to 2000 different high-quality organic ingredients for your dishes and mixes. The range of products extends from powders and granulates to nuts, beans and cereals. We target the following groups of customers: catering companies, producers, resellers and retailers.


Product selection

The purchasing department of VehGro continually inspects all products in our assortment and makes sure that our high demands on quality and the requirements of the market are always met. This is how we guarantee high quality products and offer a security to the customer.

Certified organic products

The major part of our assortment consists of certified organic products. We do this out of conviction and for this we have stood since the first day. If you see a product declared as "Organic" on our homepage, you can be sure that this product has fully met the requirements for being certified as "Organic".

In order to be able to supply products with their purest and natural taste, we demand that our products are free from artificial smells, flavors and preservatives.

Product types

Over time we have extended our assortment and can look proudly on a wide range of products, offered in our webshop. We would like to introduce you to our segments and product groups.


In our range, you will find herbs & spices. In addition, there are the natural sweeteners which include sugar, but also sugar substitutes such as stevia and honey. The natural salts are subdivided according to origin/production method and can be found as sea salt, rock salt, smoke salt, spring water salt and salt flakes. In the herbs and spices section, in addition to herbs and peppers selected exclusively for you, you will also find herb mixes for organic and sustainable marinating.

You will also find superfoods in our range. These products impress with special properties and ingredients, such as a high number of vitamins, minerals and/or antioxidants. You may also find certain spices in this segment, if these products are distinguished by such exclusive properties. We offer you the service of a separate segment, so that you can quickly get an insight into our superfoods. The superfoods are available as powder, granulate and partly also in their original form.



In our Matcha segment, you can find other products besides the actual tea, such as energy drinks and matcha preparation accessories. In the supplements segment you can find our range of proteins, vitamins and minerals. All other products, such as oils and healing waters can be found in our "Others" segment.



Next to the Supplements, you will find our Beans & Grains. As the name itself explains, in this segment you will find our range of beans and cereals, such as flour, starch, cereals or granola.


In addition to our already listed assortment, we also offer our customers Private Labelling Services. We can create unique mixtures exclusively for the customer. It is up to you whether you want to create a completely new product or whether you want us to specify fixed ingredients or percentages. We offer a flexibility that is completely customer-oriented. Our production team is always in contact with you. You will find this service in the Private Label segment.