Welcome to our beans page. We are an online organic wholesale distributor of beans of the highest quality. Here you will find various beans that are packed with healthy nutrients and, in addition, legumes form the basis of the very best meat substitutes.
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  1. Adukibonen heel Biologisch
    Aduki beans Whole Organic SKU: 45310-conf
    As low as €2.39 incl. VAT: €2.39
  2. Zwarte bonen heel Biologisch
    Black beans Whole Organic SKU: 45330-conf
    As low as €2.13 incl. VAT: €2.13
  3. Borlotti-pinto bonen heel Biologisch
    Borlotti-pinto Beans Whole Organic SKU: 45340-conf
    As low as €2.26 incl. VAT: €2.26
  4. Organic Chick Peas Flour
    Chick peas flour Organic SKU: 56790-conf
    As low as €2.44 incl. VAT: €2.44
  5. Kikkererwten heel Biologisch
    Chickpeas 6-12 mm Whole Organic SKU: 45270-conf
    As low as €2.13 incl. VAT: €2.13
  6. Lentils Green Laird Organic
    Lentils Green Laird Organic SKU: 58570-conf
    As low as €2.16 incl. VAT: €2.16
  7. Lentils Red Split Lightly Oiled Organic
    Lentils Red Split Lightly Oiled Organic SKU: 58580-conf
    As low as €2.17 incl. VAT: €2.17
  8. Mungbonen heel Biologisch
    Mungbeans Whole Organic SKU: 45300-conf
    As low as €2.43 incl. VAT: €2.43
  9. Tonka Beans Whole Organic
    Organic Tonka Beans Whole SKU: 43080-conf
    Out Of Stock
  10. Peanuts Blanched Organic
    Peanuts Blanched Organic SKU: 40300-conf
    As low as €2.44 incl. VAT: €2.44
  11. Rode Kidneybonen Biologisch
    Red Kidney Beans Organic SKU: 45280-conf
    As low as €2.22 incl. VAT: €2.22
  12. Witte bonen medium heel Biologisch
    White beans medium Whole Organic SKU: 45290-conf
    As low as €2.22 incl. VAT: €2.22
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Buy legumes? Of course you can at Vehgro

Why buy legumes?

Buying legumes means bringing tasty and healthy vegetables into your home. Legumes are also called beans. This is the general term. Legumes are the seeds of plants from the so-called 'legume family'. The seeds that belong to this family include peas, sprouts, beans, peanuts (not nuts), soya and lentils. You can buy dried soybeans at VehGro.

Health in a pod

Why buy legumes? Beans are extremely healthy. They are packed to the brim with protein, fibre, minerals and carbohydrates. As a cherry on the (low-fat) cake, legumes are low in fat. It is not for nothing that legumes form the basis of the very best meat substitutes.

Private Label Beans

Another reason to buy legumes or dried beans from Vehgro: we enable you to market them under a Private Label. Our organic beans are mostly unbranded, which allows you to market them as your own product.

This way, it is possible to create your own tailor-made brand. Vehgro will assist you where necessary. Our experts have many years of experience and know exactly what is needed to make a product 'retail ready'.

Dropshipping beans

Send your order directly to your customer, but not revealing the name of the supplier? How do you do that? Simple: we ensure that a specific packing list is sent with your shipment of beans. You only need to send us the packing list via e-mail, after which your beans will be sent in transparent tape plus a packing list in your house style. It is also possible to add a footer and your own logo to this packing list.

Fava beans: what exactly are they?

Buying Fava beans? You can do it at Vehgro. But what exactly are these green gems? Fava beans are the favourite summer beans of the Netherlands. In July and August they are at their absolute best. This is the ideal moment to enjoy these little vitamin friends.

The beans are the seeds in the pod, you find them in a felt-like and elongated pod. The pod itself is not edible, unlike green beans for example. The beans we sell have already been taken from their pod.

The best Fava beans

The very best Fava beans are of organic origin. Fava beans can be bought fresh or dried. The best is of course fresh, although powdered Fava beans are also a real asset to any kitchen cupboard. Buying dried beans is also an option.

Are you using dried beans? Then keep in mind that they first need to soak in cold water for over 12 hours. You buy dried legumes for longer shelve life compared to fresh or canned beans.

The taste of Fava beans

Buying legumes is a must for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but also because of their rich and full flavour. Take Fava beans: they combine well with various other ingredients. They stand out because of their bitter taste. The older the bean, the stronger it tastes. The younger, the softer and fuller the taste. Perfect for salads.

What are Aduki beans?

Buying Aduki beans? Please note that they may also be offered under the name of asuki beans, azuki beans or adzuki beans. These small soya beans are dark red in colour with a creamy stripe down the side. Aduki's are the seeds of the Vigna Angularis. This annual climbing plant is cultivated particularly extensively in Asia. Aduki beans are rich in proteins and minerals, among other things. In addition, they contain very few fats.

What are pinto beans?

The Pinto bean is also known as the 'Kievitsboon'. The bean has a mottled skin. In Spanish, it is known as the 'frijol pinto', or 'speckled bean'. The bean is suitable for chilli con carne and as a burrito filling. Where to buy pinto beans? At Vehgro, of course. You can buy these 'speckled eggs' in quantities of 100 grams, 1, 5 or 25 kilograms.

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