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Processing Matcha Leaves (Sinensis Camelia) to Powder

The Matcha tea plant needs to be in the sun all year round, except for the last 4 weeks before harvest. During these 4 weeks, the plants are covered with mats or tarpaulins and thus placed in the shade. By covering the plant, the production of leaf green is stimulated, which has a positive effect on the colour and taste of the matcha tea. During harvesting, not the entire tea plant is used, only the finest tea leaves are selected. After harvesting, the leaves undergo different processes. First, the leaves are steamed, then they are dried and finally the dried leaves are pulverized in a traditional stone mortar so that a green powder remains; the matcha.

Preparation of (ceremonial) Matcha Tea

Traditionally, the matcha powder is beaten with water at a temperature of 60 to 70° Celcius to a green frothy liquid in no longer than 30 seconds. The quality of the matcha determines the degree of turbidity of the tea.

Traditional Matcha Ceremony
Preparation of (ceremonial) Matcha Tea

Healthy properties of Matcha Powder

Matcha tea is an excellent tea with a slightly bitter taste. The matcha tea is full of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and caffeine.