Psyllium Husks

Psyllium Husks

Psyllium Husks




The most common region for growing psyllium is northwest India, where the annual plant benefits from the warm, dry conditions that follow after the rainy season. Its Indian name - isapghula - derives from the Persian word for horse-ear, relating to the shape of its small, pink seeds.


Psyllium seeds are usually sown between October and December and after a few days starts germination. About two months later the characteristic flowers begin to bloom, and in spring the seeds are ready to be harvested. It is very important to get the timing of the harvest right, otherwise, the seed will fall to the ground and the wind will take it away before there is a chance to collect them.  Handsikkels are used to cut the crop 15 cm above the ground, after which it is placed in heaps and dried outside in piles for a day or two. The harvested plant is threshed to loosen the seeds, which are then collected and transported for processing. On average, one hectare of psyllium can produce 1000 kg of seed. 

At the processing mill, the seeds are cleaned and passed through special vibrating sieves that remove dust and sand particles. All seeds are carefully examined at this stage and any broken or underdeveloped seeds are disposed of.

The selected seeds are split by a mill into seeds and shells. This meticulous yet simple method of processing ensures that our organic psyllium husks can be eaten in their simple, raw form with all its health-promoting benefits still intact.  

Healthy Properties

Psyllium husks are rich in fibre. With a slime content of about 20-30%, psyllium husks help in the movement and processing of food through our digestive system. Psyllium is hydrophilic (e.g. easily absorbs water) and therefore very effective as a binder.

Psyllium husks should be taken with plenty of water and the moisture consumption should remain high throughout the day. In case of asthma and severe allergy, it is advised to avoid psyllium, as severe reactions have been reported in some cases.

Our organic psyllium shells offer an excellent way of adding fibre to your diet. Mix them with water or fruit juice for cleansing and calming healthy drink.

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May 25, 2020
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