Capsulating and Tabletting

Do you have that one unique idea for a new product, but lack the possibilities to realise it yourself? Would you like to put together a mix, design your own packaging or market our packaging with your own labels? Does your idea also have to comply with the European directives for organic products? Look no further, VehGro B.V. is the private label specialist for you! We make sure that what you have in mind becomes reality.

The Process

From powder to your product!

1. Powder

Powder Process

The product can be composed entirely according to your wishes. Choose your unique set of organic herb and spice powders from our extensive assortment. We mix the chosen ingredients for you.

2. Capsules / Tablets

Capsules or Tablets

We then process the blend or a single ingredient into capsules or tablets.

3. Filling / Blistering

Filling or Blistering

These capsules or tablets are then packaged or blistered. A decision has to be made on the desired packaging.

4. Your Product!

Your Product

The end result; unique products composed entirely according to your own wishes and packaged in (custom designed) packaging and with your own labels. The entire process takes place at Vehgro, allowing us to guarantee you top quality!