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Welcome to your dried fruit wholesaler. Dried fruits are also called super fruit powders. Ideal to flavor various products, such as your yoghurt breakfast or favorite snack.

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  1. Acai Powder freeze-dried Organic
    Acai Powder freeze-dried Organic SKU: 40001-conf
    As low as €11.38 incl. VAT: €11.38
  2. Acerola Poeder Biologisch
    Acerola Powder Organic SKU: 80001-conf
    As low as €13.24 incl. VAT: €13.24
  3. Apple Powder Freeze-Dried Organic
    Apple Powder Freeze-Dried Organic SKU: 56940-conf
    As low as €8.00 incl. VAT: €8.00
  4. Bananen Poeder Biologisch
    Banana Powder Organic SKU: 40005-conf
    As low as €3.00 incl. VAT: €3.00
  5. Baobab Powder Organic
    Baobab Powder Organic SKU: 40007-conf
    As low as €3.56 incl. VAT: €3.56
  6. Berry Booster Blend Powder Organic
    Berry Booster Blend Powder Organic SKU: 57800-conf
    As low as €8.26 incl. VAT: €8.26
  7. Organic Blueberry powder
    Blueberry Powder Freeze Dried Organic SKU: 40101-conf
    As low as €12.82 incl. VAT: €12.82
  8. Camu Camu Poeder gedroogd Biologisch
    Camu Camu Powder Organic SKU: 40025-conf
    As low as €6.08 incl. VAT: €6.08
  9. Chokeberry (juiced) Powder Organic
    Chokeberry (juiced) Powder Organic SKU: 56760-conf
    As low as €4.05 incl. VAT: €4.05
  10. Cranberries Sweetened Organic
    Cranberries Sweetened Organic SKU: 40081-conf
    As low as €3.79 incl. VAT: €3.79
  11. Cranberry Flakes 0,5-3 mm Organic
    Cranberry Flakes 0,5-3 mm Organic SKU: 56770-conf
    As low as €5.68 incl. VAT: €5.68
  12. Dadel Stukjes 4-8 mm Biologisch
    Date Pieces 4-8 mm Organic SKU: 80186-conf
    As low as €30.52 incl. VAT: €30.52
  13. Date powder
    Date Powder Organic SKU: 56630-conf
    Out Of Stock
  14. Goji Berries Organic
    Goji Berries Organic SKU: 40042-conf
    As low as €4.22 incl. VAT: €4.22
  15. Goji Berry Powder Freeze-dried Organic
    Goji Berry Powder Freeze-dried Organic SKU: 40043-conf
    As low as €6.67 incl. VAT: €6.67
  16. Golden Berries - Incan Berries Organic
    Golden Berries - Incan Berries Organic SKU: 40045-conf
    As low as €4.50 incl. VAT: €4.50
  17. Guarana Capsules
    Guarana Capsules 500 mg Organic SKU: 56510-conf
    As low as €80.00 incl. VAT: €80.00
  18. Guarana Powder Organic
    Guarana Powder Organic SKU: 40046-conf
    As low as €5.88 incl. VAT: €5.88
  19. Juniper Berries Broken Organic
    Juniper Berries Broken Organic SKU: 57770-conf
    As low as €4.55 incl. VAT: €4.55
  20. Jeneverbessen Poeder BIO
    Junipers Powder Organic SKU: 80139-conf
    As low as €4.47 incl. VAT: €4.47
  21. Junipers Whole germfree Organic
    Junipers Whole germ-reduced Organic SKU: 80138-conf
    As low as €4.55 incl. VAT: €4.55
  22. Lemon Ginger Powder germfree Organic
    Lemon Ginger Powder germ-reduced Organic SKU: 80147-conf
    As low as €4.14 incl. VAT: €4.14
  23. Lemon Myrtle 3-6 mm Organic
    Lemon Myrtle 3-6 mm Organic SKU: 80151-conf
    As low as €11.29 incl. VAT: €11.29
  24. Lemon Myrtle Cut Fine 1-3 mm Organic
    Lemon Myrtle Cut Fine 1-3 mm Organic SKU: 80150-conf
    As low as €11.29 incl. VAT: €11.29
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Dried fruit: how healthy and tasty is it?

Why dry fruit?

Is dried fruit healthy? A good question. Yes and no, is the answer. Fruit is full of vitamins, but also full of sugars. You dry fruit to make it last longer, but also to concentrate the taste.

Sportsmen often eat dried fruit, because you can eat more of it than of normal fruit. This gives you more vitamins. Dried fruit, for sale in a fruit wholesale company, has a special texture, so you can experience eating fruit in a different way.

Healthy fruit is good for cholesterol, because fruit contains many nutrients such as fibre and vitamins. In addition, the antioxidants in fruit may have an anti-inflammatory effect.

The importance of fiber

Fiber is an important cornerstone of any balanced diet. They help maintain a good bowel movement and have a beneficial effect on heart and blood vessels. Dried fruits are full of fibre and are therefore highly recommended.

Candy or dried fruit without sugar?

Is dried fruit completely without sugar? Not entirely of course, but at organic wholesaler Vehgro no extra sugars are added to dried fruit. Fruit sugars are processed in the same way as added sugars, but buying dried fruit is for the minerals, vitamins and fibres.

What is freeze drying?

Freeze drying is a process in which fruit is converted into powder at very low temperatures (-50 to -80 degrees Celsius). Why these low temperatures? Simple: to preserve the minerals and vitamins in the fruit. In addition, this technique also ensures that fruit can be kept longer. You can buy freeze-dried fruit at VehGro.

What can you do with dried fruit?

You can buy wholesale dried fruit in bulk and store it for a longer period of time, because it has a nice, long shelf life. You can buy dried fruit in powder form, which you can add to shakes, smoothies, yoghurts and as a topping on desserts.

Dried fruit sold whole can be included in nut mixes, mixed into yoghurt or another healthy breakfast. A mix of so-called superfruit powders can be marketed as a private-label product.

Vehgro is a Dutch company which is active in the food industry.

Vehgro is a wholesaler of organic products. With us you can buy various types of freeze dried fruit.

What fruit do you have to think of?

Almost all types of fruit can be dried and possibly ground into fruit powder. That may be something simple like an apple or a pear, but of course also an exotic berry like the acai or camu camu berry.

Every fruit is full of nutrients, but the nutrients including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in each fruit is slightly different. Therefore, the best way to get all the important nutrients is to eat a variety of fruits.

Acai: palm fruit from the Amazon

Acai berries are popular in South American countries such as Peru, Brazil and Belize. They look a lot like grapes and are, among other things, related to the blueberry. In the Netherlands you can buy them at a dried fruit wholesale.

Acai berries grow on the Acai palm, or the Cabbage palm, in the Amazon area. Around the large seed is a small layer of flesh. This flesh is chock full of natural nutrients including vitamins and antioxidants. Moreover, they are also very tasty.

Baobab: the monkey fruit tree

Why is the Baobab called the monkey fruit tree? Many species of monkeys feed on the fruits of this tree. The Baobab tree can become extremely old and is the biggest tree on the African continent.

In the baobab fruits are very many antioxidants. The powder is also rich in vitamins, minerals and calcium. As a powder, the fruit consists of approximately 50% fibre. At Vehgro, baobab powder is made from the pulp and is 100% natural, without additives.

Traditional with blueberries

Blueberries are harvested in numerous countries, especially in South America and Europe. These small berries are full of micronutrients, including strong antioxidants. They also contain a lot of dietary fibre, numerous minerals and vitamins.

The harvest is freeze-dried, so that the nutrients are preserved. Blueberries are often eaten loose, but are also delicious in a smoothie or for example in the yoghurt. In powder form, you can easily sprinkle the blueberries.

Camu Camu: the little Amazon fruit

Did you know that Camu Camu has the highest vitamin C content of any plant on earth? Not a bad statistic for a small Amazon fruit. The plant is between shrub and tree and can grow 2-8 metres high. The red-purple Camu Camu fruits that grow on the plant look a bit like cherries in shape.

The peeled fruit is first pressed and then dried. The dehydrator slowly extracts moisture at a temperature which is constant and below 45 degrees Celsius. Camu Camu fruits are like little vitamin bombs. It is very suitable for use in shakes, smoothies, juices or through yoghurt.

Lemon myrtle: powder from the bush

Lemon myrtle comes from the leaves of the shrub with the similar name. The shrub only occurs in Australia. Lemon myrtle is so called because of its distinctive citrus smell. The high dose of citral in the powder gives it its distinctive smell and taste.

The taste of lemon myrtle is quite strong and is therefore very suitable as an aroma in many dishes. This powder can also be used as an alternative to lemon when cooking.

The tenacity of the Goji Berry

The Goji Berry, also called wolfberry, originates from Asia and is resistant to all climatic conditions. The plant survives at 26 degrees Celsius in the minus and 40 degrees in the plus.

The first berries appear after two years on the plant, which are grown on plantations along the Yellow River in China. The Goji, a miracle fruit from Asia, contains the highest concentration of vitamins and antioxidants of any fruit.

Goji berries have a delicious sweet taste and can be used for example by a salad or delicious in the muesli.

South American golden or inca berries

These berries are traditionally from South America, but are nowadays cultivated in almost all tropical regions. The orange berries are 1 to 2 centimetres in size and have a light brown calyx. The taste is sweet to sweet and sour.

Inca berries contain a lot of fiber, iron and protein which are important substances for your body. For example, they are good for the liver and help to cleanse the bile. They are also called "goldberries".

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