Matcha is a commonly used ingredient in green matcha tea. This Japanese matcha tea has a particularly full and rich flavour. Here you will find high-quality matcha powder, with which you can make a delicious matcha tea. In addition, we have the necessary matcha accessories to make the tea yourself.
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How to use Matcha

Matcha, a plant from Japan, can be used in many ways. Matcha is especially used for green Matcha tea. Japanese Matcha tea has a very full and rich taste which is appreciated by many tea lovers.

Besides tea you can also make a Matcha latte. Did you know that there is also such a thing as Matcha powder? In short: the applications of Matcha are numerous. Yet the production of Matcha tea is surprisingly difficult.

The Matcha plant

When you think of Matcha you think of Japanese Matcha. From this country the plant originates. The Latin name for the Matcha plant is Camellia Sinensis. The leaves of this special plant are ground to a powder. From this powder Matcha green tea powder is made. Like the dish, preparing the Japanese Matcha tea is quite difficult. Drinking it is much easier and provides welcome relaxation.

What is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is the substance in organic Matcha that gives the leaves their dark green colour. The substance is an essential amino acid. Besides amino acids Japanese Matcha green tea powder also contains vitamins and minerals as well as a lot of antioxidants. Did you know that there is also caffeine in Matcha herbs? Caffeine? Yes it is. That means you can also use Matcha powder in the tea to replace coffee or cola in the early morning.

Matcha powder tea accessories

You can order Matcha powder at wholesale at Vehgro, but Vehgro has more than just Matcha powder. We also have 100% natural Matcha superfood drinks and accessories to enrich your Matcha experience. Matcha bowls, bamboo beaters and bamboo spoons are also available. The Matcha gift box is a fitting gift for a friend or special acquaintance who is a true lover of exotic teas.

The healthfulness of Matcha tea

The Japanese green tea powder is extremely healthy. The powder is rich in polyphenols. These are antioxidants. 


This causes insulin to be produced, unnecessary glucose is converted into fat.

The antioxidant in the form of a carbohydrate is the most important.

The antioxidant L-thealine

Matcha and its many benefits

Matcha has, as mentioned above, several advantages. First of all it tastes good - tea that does not taste good Vehgro would not dare to recommend you. Matcha has more to offer than just taste. Matcha helps you to be less stress sensitive and you can relax with a cup of tea at the kitchen table. Matcha contains caffeine, so it will make you feel nice and awake, especially in the morning. Matcha also takes away cravings.

Does Matcha have any disadvantages?

Matcha has mainly advantages. There are also some disadvantages, but they are small. The fact that Matcha contains caffeine is both a plus and a minus. It means that it makes you feel bright and fit, but also that it makes you hyper if you use it too much.

So you should never drink too many cups of Matcha tea in a row, as this will have a bad result on your energy balance and sleep. Caffeine can also cause a dip.

Matcha in low-carb diets

Matcha tea powder is recommended for anyone who wants to eat low-carb, or is busy with the line. 

Use of Matcha powder

Matcha has many different applications: it just depends on how creative you are. Matcha tea is an ideal alternative to coffee in the morning and the early morning pick-me-up you need to go to school or work feeling refreshed. Matcha can rightfully be called a superfood. More inspiration? We are happy to give it to you.

Matcha dressing

A Matcha dressing is made by adding olive oil and lemon juice, plus a pinch of garlic. You can also add a shallot, honey, salt and a dash of tahini. Matcha forms the binding force of the fresh-sweet and sour salad dressing.

Matcha herb mix

The herb Matcha can be mixed very well with other herbs. Think of garlic, salt and pepper. You can also add thyme, cayenne pepper and ginger to the Matcha herb mix. A tightly closed jar of Matcha herb mix can be used for several months, for example for meat.